Convert Any Smartphone Into Wireless Headset With Latest Roku TV Update

New Roku Streaming players

Roku is famous for developing classy streaming media players. Roku always try to bring the best features for the users in their new device. One of the smartest feature that company has added in Roku products is headphone jack employed in Roku remote.

Roku-3-remote-headphonesWith this jack, you can easily connect the headphones and listen to any music privately without disturbing others and without getting disturbed from the external noise. You can play the songs or movie on the TV and listen to the dialogues and songs of movie through headphones. Now Roku has added this same feature on every Roku TV model. Users can now connect the headsets to any android or iOS based phone and need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network on which their Roku device is connected. This feature can be accessed only after updating the Roku software to OS 7.5 version. It is the latest update from the company and this feature is added in this OS version. You can visit Roku com link for reading full details and information on this update.

Roku remoteNow, there is no need to connect the headphones to your remote jack, just upgrade the Roku OS and download the Roku mobile app on your mobile and start listening through mobile itself. One more advantage of running the latest update is; you can control the playback options through mobile only. It means that you can play, pause the live contents through smart phone. The Roku mobile app is available on the android play store, you can download it from there for free. You can take help from Roku com also In case of any issue or problem. This feature was already embedded in the streaming boxes of other companies. Now this is available in Roku TV sets.

In order to enjoy this feature, you need to set up Roku account first on Roku website. After that you will get access to view different channels on Roku store. These channels are required for watching videos and other contents on the TV via Roku device. You need to purchase the channel or app from the Roku channel store. Once you purchased it, you will get Roku link code for that particular channel and you need to enter this code in the box during the channel activation in your device. The moment you enter the code, your channel gets verified and after that you can easily access the stuffs on the channel without any hassle.

Roku 4As discussed in the above paragraph about private listening and playback controls in your hand, the latest update also enables users to pause the live TV, provided they must have digital antenna connected to Roku TV sets that will broadcast the live action. There is a need of external storage device to store the digital contents. For this you can use memory card or USB stick with minimum of 16 GB space because the digital contents are of high quality and Size so they occupy more space than normal one. You can share photos on your home Screen with the help of play on Roku function from multiple android devices connected simultaneously to one Roku set. This is possible with Roku 7.5 OS.  Enhanced screen mirroring support is also provided for higher end devices like Roku premiere, Roku ultra and Roku premiere plus. For more support and information related to the latest update, you can go to www support Roku com link. Here you will find the complete details about the update and you can even download the update from this link.

You can run this update on your device from today onwards if it is not available, then it is going to be released to all the Roku devices in the coming few weeks.