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Comet TV Now on Roku and Apple TV

Comet TV Now on Roku and Apple TV

Now the viewers of Roku and apple Tv will be able to see the ad-supported  app that offers an assortment of horror and sci-fi  movies and TV shows including the live streaming of Stargate SGI. Read the article and know more about this support.

Comet TVSinclair Television group and MGM’s sci-fi channel Comet Tv will now be available as an app for the Roku and Apple Tv. Comet Tv will still offer its free the air over programming and will also offer its programming online. The app will include the live playback of the broadcast feed of the network with an integrated program schedule along with the information on the current programming.

No subscription and pay TV account authentication will be required to watch Comet Tv as it is a free channel. The companies are promising that the app of Comet TV will be available for more platforms later in this year.

Adding a Comet Tv to Apple Tv and Roku TV will help on expanding the reach of the channel. As of now the channel is carried out in more than 100 markets and reaches more than 80 million homes.

Comet TV Now on Roku and Apple TV-1The expansion for Comet TV comes about the year and a half after the official launch of the network.

John Bryan, the president of domestic TV at MGM, said in statement given to media that MGM is thrilled that Comet will now debut in so many new and top markets, launching it as a single largest multicast network and sci-fi channel to the date. The community of sci-fi is among the most expensive and loyal in the field of entertainment and we look forward to program the channel for this ever growing audience.

The Comet TV debuted on October 31st, 2015. The programming library of the network includes the feature films like The Crow, Gattaca, The Amityville Horror, and Labyrinth, along with the classic Japanese Godzilla films as well as the television series including Strategic Atlantis, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Poltergeist, The Legacy, and The Outer Limits. Stargate: SG1 has been set to return on Comet Tv in the coming month of April. This month the network is also running a March Movie Badness programming stunt that will be comprised of 36 classic sci-fi and genre films arising as counter programming to the NCAA March Madness men’s college Basketball Tournament.

The catch of the Comet TV is that the shows are available only as a live stream not on-demand. This means that they have basically just like live TV and you will need to watch commercials.

The new Comet Tv apps which will provide the interactive program guides with show info and schedule, are available for both fourth generation Apple TVs and Roku 3 and Roku 4 series devices.

Earlier this year the MGM and Sinclair announced that they would partner up to launch Charge, which will be an action focused channel that will have access to many films to MGM’s library like the Comet TV has.

Earlier this month Sinclair also kicked off the roll out of its millennial targeted TBD channel. Sinclair will distribute the TBD to its television stations in many of 81 US markets.