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Chromecast Versus Roku Performance Report

Although there’s a tough competition going on between streaming devices still Roku is rocking the market. Here is a small performance review for Roku v/s Chromecast based on the report by e-Marketer.

Google Chromecast tried a lot to market itself to become the most heard device, but in spite of making these efforts, it didn’t gain much success as the Roku got. Around four years back Chromecast introduced Google to the market, but till now it has not been able to compete Roku.

E-marketers report says that Roku has 168.1 million U.S customer base at present for this year. This figure is almost 10% more than the previous year’s count. The majority of its new users are the people who have smart TV. Many of the smart TV users use the Roku Box with their TV while others use an in-built Roku application with their smart TV. In short, it represents that Roku has gained this 10 % increase in its popularity due to this availability of Smart TV’s with an in-built Roku application to enjoy streaming.

It is reported that around 81.2 million of the population started using smart TV from this year which is 31% more than its users a year before. The sale of inbuilt Roku smart TV’s brings the sale of other streaming devices to a pause. No other streaming device than the Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, and the Apple TV is popular in the market. The comparative study of their users reports that Roku is leading the business by having the highest customer base of 38.9 million among the four while Chromecast occupies the second position by having a hold on 36.9% on its US customer base. Whereas, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV have the user base of 35.8 and 21.3 million respectively.

The reason behind this success is the accessibility to a variety of streaming shows and movies with high picture quality at a very reasonable price. Moreover, the Roku is compatible with almost every hardware media output devices. Due to which never hesitate before buying a Roku for streaming high-quality content on their television or any media device connected to the internet. This versatile feature of Roku has put it at the head of the list of top media streaming devices.

Google Chromecast is also not performing bad, as it still stands at the second position having a hold over 36.9 million users. The important noticing factor in the race of media streaming device is that Android TV hasn’t been able to mark its presence. It has been entirely excluded from this competition because of its least number of users. Mean while it can be thought that its upcoming versions could help in gaining some popularity and fulfilling the lacking hardware & software features required for its compatibility. Its market shares might also increase if it’s able to bring up hardware compatible with Xiaomi Mi Box and Nvidia Shield.

So this was all about the performance review of Google Chromecast and Roku where Roku leads the list of available streaming devices leaving Chromecast at the second position. For more updates keep watching all other upcoming news on it.

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