Best 10 Hidden Roku Features For Better Streaming


Streaming the finest collection of content under the diverse categories is being the prominent thing to adore about Roku streaming device. Roku has also got some fine hidden features, which can better the streaming experience of all the Roku streamers.

Mobile-Private-Listening-for-Roku-TV-modelsAre you enjoying the company of your streaming device? If you are one of the loyal users of Roku streaming device, then you must have experienced the finest classification of content under amazing categories. With its superlative features and services, Roku has always been the major player in the market to provide the satisfactory streaming experience. And with the amazing streaming services, the streaming device has also enhanced its content market to provide the maximum streaming content to all its users with the fine services. With such kind of ability, the streaming device is still adding many new streamers in its wings. If you are one of the new streamers in its wing, then you need to head to www Roku Com Link to create your account to stream the entertaining content on your side.

Besides your basic streaming ability, Roku has also got some of the fine hidden features which can enhance your streaming experience in a much better way. Get to know the 5 best Roku hidden features to have a fine streaming ability. While streaming if you got the issue of Roku not connecting, then you can head on to basic solutions like checking the internet and server connectivity, changing the locations, resetting the device, and switch off and switch on the device to counter the connectivity issue of your Roku device.

  1. Sound streaming quality– Being a Roku streamer, you can simply control the streaming quality of any channel, like in Netflix services, you can head to the website of Netflix, then your account and then the Playback Settings.
  2. Stream Your Own Stuff- Though Roku has a ton of different channels and things to watch, you’ll probably still want to access your locally stored content on your TV. Sign up for Plex ($4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, or $149.99 for a lifetime—though that lifetime sub is $119.99 for a limited time) and you can.  You can also share it with friends and family. Download the Plex app. Then, in the Roku app, go to Preferences > Connect Plex account, and follow the instructions to verify the PIN code to connect the app with your Plex account.plex on roku tv
  3. Saving the screen- After watching your favorite show on Roku, you can even set the screen saver of your Roku device by heading to “Screen Saver and apps” on your Roku device, which will make you witness your screen saver with the fine crackling fire or any art gallery view. You can perform this task with your Roku remote, and in case if your Roku remote not working properly, then you can head for some quick solutions like changing the battery, resetting the remote, and checking the settings can be done to ensure a proper workable remote.  save-that-screen roku
  4.  Unrevealed Channels– Not all available Roku channels are listed in the Roku Channel Store. To find the “secret” ones, check out the Roku Guide. Clink the link you want, then Add Channel, and you’ll be taken to a Roku account page. Log in and add the code for the channel and you’re set.Roku private channels
  5. Gaming Partner– If not PS4 or Xbox, you can still enjoy a bunch of amazing games in your Roku. Just head to Games section and enjoy the fine collection of games.Roku Gaming Partner
  6. Super News- If you’re a fan of the CW’s superhero shows (Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl), then your day was just saved. The CW is now a signin- and subscription-free channel on Roku. You can watch the last five episodes of any CW show, with new episodes available the day after they super-news on roku
  7. Set a Record– One of the reasons you have a Roku might be that you’ve decided to cut the cord from cable. If you have an HDTV antenna to watch live TV, you can also record it with a device like Tablo TV. Set it up; download the app to your Roku; and you can watch, pause, and record.Tablo set-a-record roku
  8. Watch It- Because Roku is organized by channel, users have to navigate to each one to see what there is to watch. The latest Roku app does away with a lot of that work by introducing What’s On. Tap the What’s On icon at the bottom of the app’s screen and you’ll find shows and movies organized into categories that can be watched with just a click from the page.roku ios app
  9. Smart Clicks- Besides heading to the remote, you can access the fine interface of Roku by heading to Roku app to get the advantage of simple searching, keyboard and also streaming from tablet or phone. Besides these fine features, you can also navigate to Roku Help to counter any tech barrier with the expert solutions and assistance.   Roku new app-1
  10. Mirroring the entertainment on the big screen– If you are streaming any content on Android or iPhone, then you should also know that you can stream that content on the big screen too. Just head to Settings, then System followed by Screen mirroring. Currently, it is workable on Roku 3, and Roku 2. And in the TV range, almost all Roku tv supports the feature, rest TVs will support after the update software version 6.2.Roku screen mirroring