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Are You Getting ‘Loading, Please Wait’ Message On Roku 3 Screen? Here Is The Fix

I was using Roku 3 from the last years and everything was running perfectly but from the last one year I am getting one message frequently on the screen that says ‘loading, please wait’. I tried to solve this problem by changing the network connection from Wi-Fi to Ethernet mode as I thought this is due to network problem, so I even bifurcated the network traffic. I used to stream Netflix, HULU, HBO go, Amazon and Warner archive through my Roku 3 player.

Earlier I had received this message when I tried to stream contents from HBO go and Warner archive only but now it is coming on Amazon too. I tried to rectify it by taking Roku help from www Roku com link.

After thinking a lot, I got an idea. Now I have connected my computer to the TV and start streaming the contents via it. Everything started running perfectly. Moreover, the picture quality also looked full in colors. Undoubtedly, my computer with X2 processor and 4GB memory has performed much better than my Roku 3 device. From here I have come to the conclusion that the problem is not with the internet or service provider, it might be with the Roku hardware or with the media servers.

If I compare my Roku 3 specifications with Amazon fire TV, then the Amazon fire TV supersedes the Roku TV that has inbuilt 512 MB of storage. If you want to view movies or shows online, then nothing is better than a computer. You can watch it hassle free without getting any dreaded message on the screen. The only drawback of this source is that there are no per-installed channels in the computer, you need to connect to the official page of every content provider.

The Roku is the best platform for watching Internet TV but it strongly disappoints me when it comes to viewing an HBO go and Warner TV on it. Some people have even not able to stream Netflix channel on Roku device. One of the users has found out a solution to this problem. He said that try connecting your Roku device with the private virtual network as this will avoid internet traffic problem. If Roku not connecting with the network, then perform the soft reset on your device.

As I said before that I was using my Roku device from last 3 years and have had a great experience so far. Earlier, I thought that the problem is with my Roku 3 only, but when I read the feedbacks of other users on the internet then I observed that they are facing the similar problem and it seemed as it is related to internet traffic. I noticed that the loading problem mainly happened on weekends I: e, during Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As more and more Roku users and other streaming media players users stream the contents on prime days, so I guess the servers at media service providers may get tight and results in this problem. I can expect that Roku 4 hardware will definitely meet the specification of its rival Amazon fire TV and process the blocked traffic in more efficient manner.

So I suggest all the Roku users, who are facing the similar kind of problem on their device to connect their laptops with their smart TV’s with the help of HDMI cable to experience better streaming performance. I also looked at Roku remote because I didn’t want to call expert again for Roku remote not working issue.

The demand for internet is exponentially increasing day by day and this may result in breakdowns at low signal levels. So in such cases, we can’t blame Roku 3 for its inefficiency to playback the contents from particular apps. Either the server bandwidth of your internet service provider or the server capacity of both the channels can remove this problem. If you have any problem in watching the contents through Roku device and getting HDCP unauthorized Roku message on the screen, then check the HDMI cable at the back of TV.

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