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5 Channels Of Roku For Watching Stanley Cup Playoffs

For the Sports lovers, it’s the time for Stanley Cup Playoffs and you must be interested to know on which sports channels you can watch your favorite sports. If you own a Roku Tv, then we have come up a small guide with a list of channels that will broadcast your favorite sports.

The 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs are approaching and your Roku device is the best way to stream all the action. Coverage has been spread across NBC, CNBC, USA, NHL, and NBCNN network. Each network is available in one way or another on your Roku streaming player and Roku TV. Whether you are a cable subscriber or cord cutter, here are some of the best Roku channels to help you in catching this action live:

#1 NBC Sports

The majority of Stanley Playoffs will telecast on NBCSN, which is one of the easiest channels to stream these days. This channel is combined with the flagship of NBC network coverage and you will get a large chunk of coverage. If you are a cable subscriber, then you can stream without paying any extra amount. You just need to add the NBC Sports channel, log in with your TV provider credentials and you will get a live stream of all the NBC SN games and NBC Sports.

#2 Sling TV

If you are planning to watch the NHL playoffs without cable, then Sling TV will give you most out of the cost that you pay. Add this channel and sign up for the Sling Blue package for $25 per month to get the live stream of all the USA and NBCSN coverage. In select markets, you will also be able to receive NBC Live. If you are not in NBC local market, then don’t worry. Pair your Roku player with an antenna to get NBC in HD on your TV at no extra cost. The sling will also allow you to add CNBC and NHL Network through different add-on packages ranging between $5-$10 per month.

#3 PlayStation Vue

This service is similar to Sling Tv service, which offers live streams of popular channels. The basic package includes CNBC, USA, and NBCSN at $29.99 per month. NBC is also available in select markets, although you can go for $40 per month tier in some of the markets. The NHL network is not available with this service.

#4 Fubo TV

This is the newest option in the list, Fubo TV is a sport first live streaming cable TV alternative. Like Vue, this service will also give you ad NBC, USA, NBCSN, and CNBC. It also features a cloud DVR, but you need to pay $35 per month for Fubo TV and NHL network is not available at this service. It’s free trial of seven days is also available.


This channel will not show the playoff games live. But, if you look for a way to watch these games on demand, then you can replay them with NHL TV. So, it is not a bad option for those who don’t have time to watch as the games air. Otherwise, this will not work for you.

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