10 best tricks, Roku users should know

Roku Tricks

Roku is a well-liked device plus holds less complications and here we’ve some best ten tricks for Roku users.

As we all know if you want to stream your favorite content in a facile manner then Roku is the name which hits our mind. We are familiar with praise of Streaming Stick and Roku 4. Now what are waiting for? Go and enjoy your favorite entertainment.

  1. Rearrange your Roku’s home screen

Time to highlight your channel, for that you need to tap on star (*) button, now form the appearing menu, select the Move channel. Go to same menu now you can delete the undesirable channels from your home screen.

Roku Channels

  1. Menu’s look customization

.Want to customize the look of your Roku device? Then from the front page menu, step ahead to Settings, and go Themes now pic a different look for the interface. If you want get more themes then trek to Roku theme store where you can get more themes by spending a few pennies.

  1. Roku Android appRoku smartphone app will be your remote

Are you an Android or iOS? If yes then you can use Roku smartphone app, which will act as a remote and simply you can search your favorite content without complication. Good thing is that you can you can even use your voice to search the digital content.

  1. Mirror your laptop or screen of phone

Windows 8, Window 10 or Android users can use Roku to mirror the computer or phone screen on their television. Go to Home Screen, Settings then to System and put a tick on Enable screen mirroring. Now what are you waiting for? Use your official Roku apps.

Roku feeds5.Set up feeds for your favorite digital content

You can easily set the alerts for your favorite digital content, and you can swiftly tap through the menus to see your desirable content is running on which Roku channel.

  1. The ideal audio and video quality

Users can easily use Roku without having much complications that’s the reason why people love this streaming device most. If you’re unable to get fine sound or image quality then go to Settings form main menu and choose Display type select 720p or 1080 p or you can mess with the available audio options.

  1. Roku Pin setupAdd extra protection

Purchasing digital content with the help of Roku is  pretty  seamless experience. To make a pause on unwanted charges, step ahead to Roku account page on the web and click on Update under PIN preference and you can insist that aPIN code is required to get anything on your device.

  1. Blessed with instant replay

If you missed you favorite content on your Roku, then no need to worry. Tap instant replay button on your remote and content which on right now hops back several seconds. Many apps automatically switch on text subtitles as well at the same time, as long as the option is empowered in Captions mode under Captions in Settings.

  1. Listen on your headphones

Well, without disturbing any one you can enjoy your favorite content. If you’ve Roku’s latest version then Roku is offering you a remote in which you can plug in the headphones to enjoy your desirable entertainment. To listen through headphones on your device you can use the mobile apps.

Roku Headphones

  1. Play local files

There are several paths to play local file son your Roku device. Well, you have to make them available on a networked computer and app (PLex) to stream the digital content. And if you’re a stick user (not box), then you can copy all your media data to USB stick and at Roku’s back plug in that stick, now fire up the Roku Media Player channel.

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